Getting bored?

And feel like choosing wine is becoming a habit and a little routine? Then try a wine tasting session with The Wine Woman to feel inspired again. The Wine Woman tastings will get you, friends and family out of your comfort zone and trying some new alternatives.

Don’t feel bad, in a recent a survey apparently over half of us stick to the same wine. What the survey doesn’t mention is that the half that mix things up a little are enjoying a glass of wine a lot more!

Having Friends Over?

You have been searching through your favourite recipe books all week planning the meal for friends, but haven’t given much thought how to pair up the wine, or are struggling because your best friend only drinks white?

There is the old saying drink what you like... but that is an easy excuse for not taking the time to match food with wine. The Wine Woman tasting session can break down the complexity of pairing food and wine and increase your understanding how getting this right can enhance your evening and lift your food.­

Want to reward your clients?

Tired of the same old corporate evenings? Want to stand out from the crowd and surprise your clients ? Why not consider a wine tasting evening to help the networking along?

Coming to Brighton for the weekend?

Want to ring the changes from the usual hen party weekend or add a new dimension to your weekend house rental ? Give the same old bars and clubs a miss and book a wine tasting with The Wine Woman. A more sophisticated way to get the group talking and a way to make your trip to the South Coast that little bit more memorable.­

Feeling like a splurge?

Just realized that your bottle rack is getting a little empty and fancy stocking up? The Wine Woman tasting can walk you through some options and provide some insights on how to get some great value, and some highlights that you can open up on special occasions

Feel like the local supermarket is dictating the offers on wine? Feel a little sceptical if the wine is actually a good offer and wondering how to get around this? The Wine Woman tasting provides down to earth advice on what to look out for, what to pick up and what to avoid. The reality is that you need to mix it up... and spend wisely to get the best.

Getting a little lost?

And not quite sure on your wine regions and estates? Feeling like it’s a little hit and miss when choosing wine in top restaurants and find yourself making an excuse not to choose the wine in fear of getting it wrong?

Don’t worry, it’s a common problem and no –one wants to make a costly mistake. However knowing a little means that you can choose with greater confidence and enhance your dining experience.

The Wine Woman offers customised wine tastings that are honest and informative in an environment that you are comfortable in.